Summer Solstice in Tracy Arm/Ford’s Terror Wilderness Area, Alaska

pollygeorge Our annual Summer Solstice trip brought us to Tracy Arm/Ford’s Terror Wilderness Area for paddling amongst the floating ice.  We visited North and South Sawyer Glaciers in Tracy Arm with our guests for the week, George and Polly, celebrating their honeymoon aboard Ursa Major.

DSC_4231George and Polly are seen here relaxing in the Alaskan sunshine in Frederick Sound, where an enthusiastic group of 25-30 humpback whales joined us for lunch.  While George and Polly enjoyed Alaskan B.L.A.T. sandwiches on the sundeck of Ursa Major, the humpback whales were observed feeding via single bubble net.

DSC_4225George and Polly spent hours on the bow of Ursa Major photographing wildlife such as humpback whales, Dall’s porpoise, Stellar sea lions, harbor porpoise, harbor seals, and a wide variety of birds.

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  • George Leovy Davenport says:

    Truly was the trip of a lifetime. Many, many thanks to Captains Emily and Josh for welcoming us aboard as family. Ursa Major is a marvelous boat, the meals were exquisite, the scenery and adventures fabulous, AND most notably Emily and Josh are as enthused and excited as Outsiders about the many surprises that Alaska offers daily. They were as excited to watch the pod of whales (and the seals, loons, sea lions, birds and waters) as Polly and I, even though they already had seen it many times. Nothing jaded about Emily and Josh. They greet each day with fresh enthusiasm and joy, and that certainly added to the magic of every moment aboard.

    Thank You Emily. Thank You Josh. Thank You Ursa Major. AND THANK YOU ALASKA !!

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