Ursa Major is preparing for the 2015 Alaska season.  It is so much fun looking through the photos of our past guests and remembering our great Mothership Kayak expeditions and tours.  The Ursa is a great platform to experience Alaska in comfort and get outside everyday to paddle or hike.  An Alaskan kayak expedition that provides a warm bed and hot food make the trip perfect really.  Many of us know that the seat of a kayak is the best way to experience this pristine environment.  There are a lot of fantastic memories that go along with these photos.


Admiralty Island

Many kayak expeditions use double kayaks.  Because we are a mothership and are able to carry many boats, we can offer single kayaks.  Having the freedom of your own boat and able to see Alaska how you want and at your own pace help make this trip special.


Baranof Islan

At the northern end of the Inside Passage is Baranof Island.  One of the largest islands in North America, the eastern coast of the island could be called the Waterfall coast.  Amazing, the height and volume of the falls are incredible.


Chichagof Is

This is an older photo of a friend of Ursa Major, Bob Lane.  If you look close, you can see shadows that indicate shallow water just behind Bob’s boat.  Whenever you get close to a bear, make sure you have plenty of water under your boat.  While bears can swim, kayakers can enjoy a great view safely.


Frederick Sound, Leconte Glacier

Kayaking amongst the ice is an incredible experience.

Looking Down - Alaska Sea Kayaking Adventures

Ursa Major underway

Gary Luhm took this photo a few years ago.  You can see how the Ursa Major canaccommodate its compliment of kayaks.  We carry seven singles and one double, along with a inflatable double for mountain lakes.  With a Kayak Mothership, areas that are hard to get to or that require a huge paddling commitment are now accessible.  Safety and comfort are close at hand with Ursa Major.

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