These are some of our favorite photos of Alaskan Brown Bears, all of which were taken from Ursa Major.  The cubs in photo #1 should be full grown this year.  We’ll may see these guys again in Red Bluff Bay, Baranoff Island, Alaska.


bear family

Alaskan Brown Bear, with 2, 2 year old cubs.

Her cubs have grown to nearly her size.  They will on their own after 2-4 yrs. with their mom.

Brown Bears are always aware of their surroundings

A brown bear will stand either to intimidate or to better see any threats around them.

He may be thinking he can catch that seagull

No one would blame him for taking an easy snack.  Seagull can’t taste as good as salmon, but you take what you can get.

The Brown Bear is a powerful swimmer

Brown bears will cross streams, bays and even much larger bodies of water as they roam, looking for the first salmon runs of the year.

Brown Bear, eating salad before the main course, salmon!

Early in the summer bears will forage on grasses and berries as they wait for the salmon to arrive.

Brown Bear swimming in Red Bluff Bay, Alaska

This bear is standing in 6-8 ft. of water.  This healthy, fat bear is well insulated for the cold Alaskan waters.

Alaskan Brown Bear

Alaskan Brown Bear

No salmon in this stream yet, better luck tomorrow.

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