One of the highlights of spending our summers aboard Ursa Major in beautiful southeast Alaska is the occasional killer whale (orca) viewing.  The male killer whale seen here was putting on quite the show when we saw him in 2013.  He was traveling in a small group of killer whales, (five individuals total), known as a transient pod.  

Transient pods of killer whales migrate in small groups over great distances throughout the waters of Alaska in search of their favorite food, (other marine mammals such as Stellar sea lions, harbor seals, and Dall’s porpoises).   The transient pods are famous for taking down their prey in enthusiastic displays of both playfullness and dominance.   

photography-breaching-orcaIn contrast, resident pods of killer whales are known for forming large family and social groups, rarely migrating outside their home waters, and feeding mostly on small fish.  



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