Trawler Training Adventures Aboard the Ursa Major

ice12Happy New Year everyone!  For the past 17 charter seasons aboard the Ursa Major, we had have a wide variety of trawler and boating enthusiasts join us for our annual “Trawler Training Trips” through the Inside Passage between Seattle, Washington, and Alaska.  Over a period of 14 days, we transit through beautiful British Columbia at a speed of approximately 7.5 knots, and teach interested participants how to safety navigate the famous Inside Passage with its astounding tides and breathtaking scenery.

For more information on our “Trawler Training Trips“, please visit our webpage dedicated to these wonderful trips.  And click HERE for our 2017 schedule.  Our new 2018 schedule is now available online by clicking HERE.

And since we began our “Trawler Training Trips“, a number of our guests have gone on to pursue their own cruising dreams by purchasing their own boat.  Recently, Josh and I sat down to compile a complete list of these adventurers from the past seventeen years.  Here are three of our current favorite adventures in progress:

1. Karen & Barry Hutchinson, M/V Chug: 42′ Kady Krogen trawler; Coupeville, Washington; currently planning their 3rd trip to Alaska aboard M/V Chug in 2017

M/V Chug

Karen and Barry’s M/V Chug

2. Alex Brody, M/V Sea Robin: 42′ Grand Banks; Modesto, California; currently cruising in southern California

Alex and M/V Sea Robin

Alex and M/V Sea Robin

3. Paul McCarthy & Helen Fitzpatrick, M/V Spirit of Ulysses: 76′ Nordhaven; Cardiff, Wales, currently cruising in the Mediterranean Sea

Helen and Paul aboard the M/V Spirit of Ulysess

Helen and Paul aboard the M/V Spirit of Ulysses

Helen aboard the M/V Spirit of Ulysses

Helen aboard the M/V Spirit of Ulysses










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