Another Great Alaskan Summer Aboard Ursa Major!

We just wrapped up yet another great summer in Alaska, the 15th season for Ursa Major!  Our last three Alaska Adventure trips of the season were a wonderful mix of paddling, hiking, and wildlife viewing.  The humpback whales were out in abundance, and were quite active in both their feeding and cavorting.

Humpback whale tale lobbing near Takatz Bay, Baranof Island, Alaska.
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Denning, Sherry, David, and Kathy relaxing in the salon aboard Ursa Major after an afternoon of paddling and whale watching.
DSC_5328Humpback whale fluking (diving) near Five Finger Lighthouse, Frederick Sound, Alaska.
Rob and Tori on the bow of Ursa Major in Red Bluff Bay, Baranof Island, Alaska.

A lone sea otter relaxing in a bull kelp raft on the shores of Kupreanof Island, near Kake, Alaska.


Tori and Rob at Warm Springs Bay, Baranof Island, Alaska.

Tori and Rob viewing humpback whales near Pybus Bay, Admirality Island, Alaska.
Humpback whale breaching in Chatham Straight, Alaska.
Pulling up our Dungeness crab pots at Deep Bay, Chichagof Island, Alaska.
Jane and Ben, from the U.K., paddling in the Magoun Islands State Marine Park near Sitka, Alaska.
Ben with his first Alaskan salmon ever! Way to go Ben!!!
Captain Josh out for a paddle on our last Alaska Adventure trip of the seaon!!
Captain Josh out for a paddle on our last Alaska Adventure trip of the season!!!




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