Ursa Major Charters

Ursa Major Charters

Ursa Major at anchor in Baby Bear Cove

This is the cruise ship alternative for travelers whom like activity and adventure.  We feel Alaska is not a shopping destination, but a chance to experience nature untrammeled by people.  The richness of the environment will awe you.  The health of this ecosystem is evident by its large populations of humpback whales, brown and black bears, and birds, particularly waterfowl.

Ursa Major is an ideal platform to experience Alaska on your own terms and in comfort.  Our voyages are typically a week or more and entirely customizable.  We have 3 staterooms to accommodate groups of 1-6 with room to relax.  Our food is sumptuous, in fact we catch our own shrimp and crab.  Our dinners are a welcome culmination to the long days we spent kayaking, whale watching, hiking and cruising.

Kayaking near Le Conte Glacier

Kayaking near Le Conte Glacier

The Ursa Major is a wood-built yacht, crafted by shipwrights in Norway in 1972.  She has traveled the world, she has had adventures both famous and infamous.  The Ursa Major is a unique trawler yacht with fourteen years of experience chartering in southeast Alaska and is the perfect vessel for your sea kayaking adventure.  We feel the best way to experience southeast Alaska is to explore its pristine bays and shorelines by sea kayak.

We have a fleet of eight sea kayaks for paddling amongst the unspoiled beauty of Tongass National Forest, the largest intact temperate rainforest in North America.   Humpback whales abound in southeast Alaska as they return to their summer home for socialization and feeding.  Brown bears, Stellar sea lions, sea otters, killer whales, and assorted marine birds are common species we have the pleasure of viewing aboard Ursa Major.

DSC_4601 2

Glacier viewing aboard Ursa Major

Each one of our trips is uniquely taylored to your needs as we spend our days sea kayaking, hiking, and wildlife viewing.  Your crew is enthusiastic, knowledgable, and eager to make this trip something exceptional for you.  Join us aboard the Ursa Major this summer for the trip of a lifetime!  Come and visit us, not to just see Alaska but to experience it.

For more information on Ursa Major Charters, please contact us directly at: captain@myursamajor.com, (206) 953-0261, or send us a message using the contact form below.

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